Here comes some very random advice for you all, do not start something when you are ready! If you are ready to start something then you waited too long. There you go, some advice out of a business entrepreneurs handbook, or a self help book.

Time and time again I see people holding back on doing things because they think they aren’t ready, I have heard about people saying they don’t want to start training with a trainer because they aren’t ready, people who don’t start a diet because they have a night out in a fortnight so can’t stick to it.

If you want to achieve anything in life then the big piece of advice I will give you is to just start, if you take 1 step in the right direction then you are still closer to your goal than if you take none.

Conditions will very rarely be perfect for anything so why wait? If a sailor only sailed when the sea was still then not only would they never get anywhere they also wouldn’t know how to deal with problems when they arose. In the pursuit of your goal you will hit roadblocks and obstacles along the way but that is a much better situation to be in than sitting back and watching others head towards their goals while you sit a think about yours!

In the pursuit of your dream body there will rarely be a time when you don’t have to face any challenges, you could put it off time and time again and the same obstacles will keep arising, nights out and events will always be part of your calendar. There will always be a reason not to go to the gym, you will have tired days and bad nights sleep, the traffic will be too bad to get there and the weather will be too bad to go out for a walk.

People will buy you easter eggs in spring, you will go to barbecues in summer and there will be nights out in autumn. Then there is the over eating of Christmas and new year and the cycle starts all over again.

The point I am getting at is that if you wait for all the cards to lie perfectly in your favour time will continue to pass and you will never get any closer to the place you want to be.

So, whatever it is you want then take that first step today!

Remember you are either heading towards your goal or away from it, the longer you take to start the further you have to travel.




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