On Monday I started work on a blog that people were going to see today, it was titled Michael Phelps couldn’t swim and next week I hope you will all read it and think how incredible it is and someone might be inspired by it.

However, as we all know on Monday evening a heinous crime was committed against the innocent people attending a pop concert in my local city. For those that don’t know me personally I am from a town to the north of Manchester called Oldham and I commute past Manchester arena on a daily basis, it has been a scene of many happy memories for me.

From watching the mighty Manchester Storm Ice Hockey team every week through my youth to many concerts from Elbow to Jay-Z, I have watched stand up comedians and only this Sunday night I was at the arena with my Fiancée to listen to Professor Brian Cox lecture on cosmology. The Arena is a symbol of Manchester and anyone who calls Manchester home will likely have their own stories of such an iconic place.

It wouldn’t feel right for me today to be blogging about pushing yourself through some sort of pain barrier or telling you how much protein to eat daily, also I don’t claim to be some profound thinker who will give you a deep and meaningful way to think about this atrocity and I am certainly no poet so my words won’t ever be quoted and made into a viral social media post.

However, I do feel it is important to still write a blog as that is what I do, so this week I am just going to focus on a message I have sent out before and what is more important than ever this week.

No matter what it is in your life that you enjoy doing then this is a week where you have to do that, whether this is going to the gym and pushing yourself to exhaustion or maybe spending time with loved ones or even just having a pint with your mates I would implore all of you to make a point this week of doing something that will put a genuine smile on your face because it is clearer now more than ever just how important that is.

So next week you can all look forward to my ramblings about Michael Phelps so you all have that to smile about! Have a good week people and remember to keep smiling.

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